Growing Lots of Potatoes In A Box

growing potatoes in a boxHere’s an interesting, easy way to grow lots of potatoes in 4 square feet – use a box:

The potatoes are planted inside the box, the first row of boards is installed and the dirt or mulch can now be added to cover the seed potatoes. As the plant grows, more boards and dirt will be added.

The boards at the bottom are removed to reach mature potatoes.

We’ve grown potatoes the old fashion way – the kids love to dig them up; but I may try this.

(via Lifehacker)

Gardening In The Fall

iain holding shovelI took this morning off, renting a garden tiller for 4 hours, preparing my garden for the garlic I’ll be planting soon. Afterwards, my children helped me get dirty.caitlyn in the garden

Garlic, like most hardy plants, establishes its roots in the fall, then slowly grows in the near frozen ground. Sometimes you’ll see green shots coming up through the snow.

We grew kale once in Newfoundland. It’s a rough, leafy vegetable that you cook like cabbage. It’s sweet, I think. We were harvesting it after the snow fell; it’s hearty.

Should I Buy A Mantis Tiller?

Mantis TillerI’m considering buying the Mantix Tiller. It costs $500 Canadian. It would come with a Border Edger Attachment, a Kick Stand, and 100 Mixed Daffodils. But do I REALLY need it?


  1. We have a 8’x20′ garden, which we want to enlarge, in addition to creating other flower and vegetable gardens on our property. It would save a lot of time and effort.
  2. My wife and mother would be able to easily use it.
  3. I could rent it to friends and neighbors who needed a tiller; it’s portable and light.
  4. I like the free stuff included with the package.


  1. It costs five hundred dollars. Regular tillers cost around $300.
  2. I can afford it, but it’d be eating into our house-renovations savings.
  3. I could manually dig up the gardens, which I’ve been doing for the past 5 years; it’s good exercise.

I’d be buying it from, which is in York, PEI. It maybe cheaper for me to drive there than have them ship it.

Update: I rented one. See my comment below.