Lessons From Star Wars

A couple items from 10 things I have learned from George Lucas:

– Storm Trooper armor is purely cosmetic as it stops neither blaster fire nor little rocks thrown by teddy bears.
– Slaughtering children doesn’t necessarily make you an unappealing hero to children as long as you call the butchered kids, “younglings.”

Sedition concludes about the Star Wars saga:

But it seems like the story is all told; until Lucas decides it’s time to edit out the blasters and replace them with flashlights.

That reminded me of an excellent review I recently read of the Star Wars: Episode III DVD (the site is down as I write this):

STAR WARS: EPISODE III- Got the DVD and you know, I was wrong. It’s not a good movie…not even close. It really is close to being unwatchable…and I’m a STAR WARS fan man…I’m not bashing….but fuck, those last three were just shit balls….