Gillian Welch’s CD Cover Artwork

The new Gillian Welch CD, The Harrow & The Harvest arrived in our mailbox last week. We haven’t had a chance to sit down and listen to the whole thing straight through, but judging from what I’ve heard so far, it’s in the same league as her last album, Soul Journey, which is so simple, it’s masterful.

Anyway, the insert for the CD cover is made from a single piece of stiff fabric similar to a coffee mug coaster. The cover drawing is pressed into the fabric. It’s a miniature work of art that reminds me what it was like to listen to an album on vinyl and admire the artwork that went into the overall package. Anyone remember those days?
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Jill Barber

jill barberJill Barber‘s latest cd Oh Heart became a favourite in our house the first day we heard it. “[S]teeped in old jazz rhythms mixed with a touch of bluegrass twang and gentle folk melody,” her music plays well with Jolie Holland and Gillian Welch‘s Soul Journey. Oh Heart, like Soul Journey, is a collection of music best appreciated as a single work — as an album. (Save random-play for MP3s.)

Three songs from her first CD (or EP), A Note to Follow So, along with two songs from Oh Heart, can be heard in streaming audio at New Music Canada. There is also a video for the song, “Oh Heart.”

If you like Jolie Holland or Gillian Welch, you might want to check out Jill Barber. It’s good stuff.