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I began wearing glasses in grade 6, though I didn’t wear them all the time (even though I was supposed to) until high school when I was so blind I couldn’t get away with not wearing them anymore.
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Sunglasses not included.


FloatersI’ve been wearing glasses since I was 4, but in the past ten years I’ve been experiencing floaters: bits of retina flesh that float in your eye, appearing like worms or threads, obscuring your vision. A couple of years ago it was so bad my vision was completely blurred, and I rushed (with the help of a friend) to my optometrist to see if I had a torn retina (a high possibility for myopic people). He said don’t worry about it; it happens with age, and given my poor vision, I’m more susceptible to floaters.

You might me able to see them if you close your eyes, or when you’re looking at a a cloudless sky or something with one colour, like a wall.

Here are some floater resources: