What Songs For The Guitar Should I Learn (And Re-learn)?

playing the guitarNow that I bought my first acoustic guitar (I’ve always borrowed Phillip’s, who has had at least three, I think: classical, regular acoustic, and a 12 string), what songs should I learn to impress the chicks?

I USED to know a lot of tunes, but that was 20 years ago: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, etc. Plus I taught myself how to play The Trees and Closer To The Heart (I still remember to play its beginning) by Rush, and similar guitar songs.

Songs I do NOT care to learn: anything by Bon Jovi or most other Top 40 bands.

I gotta figure out some kid songs for my children, too.

Shredding Guitar Solos

Fastfinger guitar soloThe Guitar Shred Show:

Mr. Fastfinger reveals the arts and secrets of electric guitar to all. You’re not only learning the cool techniques and licks, you’re going to jam with one of the true masters of shred guitar.

This is an excellent Flash application that provides the tabulature to “shred” guitar soloing techniques along with amusing animation. I’d like to see the same done for blues guitarists, like Clapton, Stevie, and B.B. King.

(via Yahoo! Picks)

Wanna Learn to Play the Guitar?

I’m giving my first official (i.e. getting paid for it, sorta; he’s going to help me do renovations around my house in exchange; at least HE BETTER) guitar lesson tomorrow night. I have an old, cheap classical guitar which belongs to my brother. I rarely play it now, but I can read music and figure out a tune, so I have some skill I can pass on. My student wants to know how to play simple rock riffs, like those from AC/DC, Beatles, etc. I’ll be teaching from tablature, like this one for Bob Marley’s Redemption Song, or Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

Any suggestions on popular, easy tunes I could teach a beginner? I don’t think he’s interested in learning Mood For A Day by Yes, or Little Wing by Jimi. Yet.