Cool Tuner

guitar tunerI had a good guitar tuner years ago and someone stole it. I remember buying it for about $80. It sells for about $200 now. I don’t have the greatest ear and so I’ve pretty much been playing an out-of-tune guitar for at least the past 10 years. I kinda like that. I didn’t bother buying a new tuner until yesterday. I needed one for my banjo.

So I went out and got this one that clamps on to the end of the guitar or banjo near the tuning pegs. The tuner picks up the vibrations that go up the neck. There’s no mic. It works with almost any instrument. The girl at the store said she uses it for her fiddle. It’s a good tuner for tuning in a loud room because it doesn’t cue off sound. It’s a chromatic tuner, too, which I think refers to its ability to read any note. I can hit C# and C# shows up in the display. Neat.

$42 after taxes in Canada. Works for me.

Mark Twain Played The Guitar

mark twain playing guitarFrom The Museum of Musical Instruments I learned that Mark Twain played the guitar:

[Twain] was a passionate guitarist and singer during the 19th century’s Romantic era. His songs were woven with graphic stream-of-consciousness imagery, and his musical styles included gospel, slavery blues, love songs, political satire, folk, and burlesque.

He apparently played a Martin, style 2 1/2-17.

(NOTE: Image isn’t Mark Twain. Hell, that might not even be a guitar he’s holding – could be a ukulele.)

50 “Worst” Guitar Solos Of All Time

As a companion piece to the controversial 100 “greatest” guitarists of all time, here’s something even more controversial: The Top 50 Worst Guitar Solos of the Millennium.

I know I left out plenty of deserving guitar dudes on this list (there’s a lot of hammered shit out there, y’know). I took care to exclude bozos like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and John McLaughlin because, frankly, their styles seem to have less to do with pure rock-n-roll than that of say, Eddie Van Halen. Anyway, it’s a good bet that some of you will consider some or all of these solos the best of all time.

Here’s the Top 10 (with the worst being number 1):

  1. “Let It Rain” by Derek and the Dominos; Soloist: Eric Clapton
  2. “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd; Soloist: Gary Rossington, Ed King, Allen Collins
  3. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” by Ten Years After; Soloist: Alvin Lee
  4. “Demand” by Phish; Soloist: Trey Anastasio
  5. “Renegade” by Styx; Soloist: Tommy Shaw
  6. “Fuel to the Fire” by Rory Gallagher; Soloist: Rory Gallagher
  7. “Hot Blooded” by Foreigner; Soloist: Mick Jones
  8. “Do You Feel Like We Do” by Peter Frampton; Soloist: Peter Frampton
  9. “I Like to Rock” by April Wine; Soloist: Brian Greenway
  10. “Venom Soup” by Ted Nugent; Soloist: Ted Nugent

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Ugly Guitars

ugly guitarCheesy Guitars:

dedicated to those vintage unplayable instruments that don’t even worth collecting. The first reason we’ve made this site is that there’s no information about these guitars, no pictures and no reviews. But they exist, and they definitely worth checking out.
The other reason is that we love them. Too many of us started our career with those cheesy axes.

I was glad to see I didn’t own any from their collection.

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