Bang Bang You’re Awake

A gunshot woke me up this morning at 5:30am. At least, it sounded like a gunshot. My bedroom wall faces my neighbor’s driveway, with about 20-25 feet separating our houses. I got up and had a shower, thinking what I should do: Check the basement under our bedroom: maybe the cat knocked something over. Walk outside by the bedroom wall to see if anything could’ve caused the bang. Check on

Guns In Newfoundland

The illegal use of guns is major news in Newfoundland: Gun used in sub shop robbery: RNC While robberies at retailers and fast-food shops happen frequently in the St. John’s area, knives are more commonly used than guns. Getting killed by moose is more common.

I Have A Gun

A pellet gun. It’s a Crosman 357. It takes CO2 cartridges. I found it in my garage while cleaning last weekend. It’s my Dad’s, but he nor Phillip want it. If any of my friends want it, contact me; otherwise, I’m going to try to sell it publicly. If it doesn’t sell, I’lll give it to the RCMP. A couple of years ago I stumbled on old ammunition my dad