Is That A Pepper Mill In Your Pocket?

Harlan Ellison likes pepper. He likes it so much he travels with his own pepper mill: When I pull it out on a plane, at first people cannot figure out what I’m doing, and some even make snotty remarks about, “Oh, you travel with your own pepper shaker,” to which I ALWAYS reply, “Pepper MILL, not ‘shaker.’ You ‘shake’ that grubby thimbleful of crap on your lettuce while I grind

Today’s quote – phonies

Those we call "phonies" may not, in fact, be phonies at all. They may merely be poor suckers who don’t know who they are. They may not be trying to "put on airs" but may simply be lost souls who haven’t established their own personal ambiences. – Harlan Ellison

I, robot

I found the I, Robot trailer, which I saw on TV a couple of nights ago. As usual, the effects look cool, but I doubt it will follow Asimov’s book closely. It’s not based on Harlan Ellison’s screenplay either. I looks liked another Men In Black without the black suits, and robots instead of aliens.