Will I See You in Hell?

I inadvertently made fun of a mentally challenged person today. I’m going to burn in Hell. Or — assuming my ticket to The Big H was waiting for me already, which is a fairly safe assumption — one of those deeper, more painful inner circles of Hell. (I would imagine The Eagles Greatest Hits CD plays there non-stop.) How about you? Are you going to hell? Tell me why. I’m

An Alternative To “Hello”

This is a good one: HeavenO Let’s now begin working towards the next 100 years with a more harmonious, intelligent, and positive new universal greeting: “HEAVENO!” A symbol of Peace, friendship and Welcome This greeting word (hello) contradicts All Our Positive Social And Cultural Values that we cherish and hold dear. If our country’s pledge would read “One nation under Satan?” then maybe “hello” would deserve some measure of merit!!