Go Habs

To all my friends who are Habs fans, you have my support for this play off run. Here is why. You’ve finally realized Halak is your #1 trade Price (not to the Leafs). Where did this team come from! Was is Gainy after all? Also two of my favourite former Leafs have greatly helped — Gill and Moore. I would have loved to see Moore with Kessel — he made

A Cairns Plays Professional Hockey

While googling myself today (almost sounds naughty), I stumbled on this hockey jersey. It belongs to Eric Cairns of the Pittsburgh Penguins. He’s a Canadian, too! From Oakville, Ontario. We might be 20th cousins or so. I played hockey for one season, when I has five years old or so.

Coach Jules

Jules, from Pulp Fiction, coaches hockey: The NEXT time I see him, I’m going to take Lord Stanley’s Cup and shove it right up his candy ass! This video made me laugh out loud. Classic. (via The Rekounas Blog)