Eating At The Holiday Inn

While staying at the Holiday Inn in Toronto, I eat at the restaurant attached to the building for convenience; there are no others in walking distance.

Yesterday when I went there for supper the waiter asked the usual “How are you?”. I replied, “I didn’t work too hard today so it was a good day.” He laughed of course (it’s their job to pretend their patrons are funny), then he rambled on about the specials. I had a blackened steak with cream of leek soup. The steak was more rusty brown than black – they didn’t sear it – but it was good.

At breakfast the waitresses (or waiters – is there a unisex word for them?) provide a small thermose of coffee, so you don’t have to ask for more cups of coffee. I thought that was a good idea. The hotel provided me vouchers for free breakfasts; otherwise, it would’ve cost me $13 for the meal.

Today’s my last day in Toronto, but I have to come back for a few days next week to finish the training. Next week I plan on visiting the Royal Ontario Museum.