Above The Law

This is inexplicable to me:
No photo required for some Hutterite drivers

Members of an Alberta Hutterite colony have won the right to carry driver’s licences that don’t carry their photographs.
The colony argued in a Lethbridge court that the government’s rule violated its charter right to freedom of religion. Members believe the second commandment in the Bible prohibits them from willingly having their picture taken.

So, in that spirit, here are some useful references (via Google) for creating your own religion, so you too can have an “official” excuse to ignore society’s laws.

  • How To Create Your Own Religion In Ten Easy Steps! Step 1, of course, is creating a God. I like Step 5: Make it ambiguous. Let both sides of an argument claim it as their own.
  • How to create your own Religion…: Power, Profit & Pussy!
  • Can you convert your marketing into a religion? This is an interesting read, making the indirect point that religion is ALL about marketing. Business marketers could take lessons from religious fundamentalists. I wouldn’t be surprised if religious courses are required for MBAs.