“The dog did it.”

My son ran into our bedroom and slammed the door after some incident today. My wife immediately followed him in and discovered a puddle of piss on the carpet. Dawn: Iain, did you pee on the floor? Iain: No. The dog did it. The dog was outside. Maybe my son is getting up in the middle of the night and shitting over the living room carpet, too.

Scottish Baby Names

My wife and I are beginning to debate possible baby names now; that is, we’re disagreeing with each other all the time. We’d like to have a Scottish name due to the Cairns Scottish heritage (unlike my first name, Jody, which is Hebrew or something for Are you a boy or girl, and is that with an “i”, “ie”, or “y”?). Google returns 118,000 1,590,000 hits (updated Nov. 9, 2006)