A Review Of The Movie Kung Fu Panda

kung fu panda movie posterKung Fu Panda is an animated film about a Panda who loves Kung Fu, where he finds himself having to learn it and save his community from his Master’s nemesis.

I recommend it for kids and adults. The story is simple but engaging, with laugh-out-loud moments. The action scenes are incredible: intense, fast, and fun – it could make you dizzy. The animation is well done.

I took my saven year old daughter (Caitlyn) to see the movie. She laughed out loud at parts, as I did (although different parts). she wasn’t scared during the intense, dark scenes, although I did hear some kids crying during the movie.

I wasn’t aware of the voice actors before I saw it, but the voices seemed familiar during the film, although they weren’t distracting. Only when I saw the credits did I associate the voices with the actors.

Caitlyn and I recommended it.
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