Calculator Tetris and Loads of Illusions

Some guy posted a collection of optical illusions and party tricks on YouTube. The videos have too many pop-up messages and are best viewed with the sound down. But there are enough videos to kill off 10 or 15 minutes of your work day. The videos average less than 2 minutes each. Here’s one that isn’t an illusion but I’d like to see someone try it out if they happen to have an old Canon calculator:

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Jesus is everywhere:

Sometimes, we need a little help to see Him. provides assistance to you and your customers to see the Spirit all around us. Our artists will come to your establishment to pray for creation. Through their special prayer techniques, a Holy Visage will be invoked and made visible for all to see!

Uh huh. Their “special prayer techniques” include drawing and painting subtle Jesus-like images on to store fronts or anything else meant to draw an audience.

They don’t just do Jesus images:

While Jesus is always a good choice… a beloved relative, or anyone or anything that will be meaningful to the viewers. A natural discovery by a well known person who is a third party can really help the illusion catch fire. Belief is contagious.

They also do crop circles, images grown into trees and vegetable, and images in cooked items.