Indiana Jones #4 and Narnia #2

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull — The first and third Indian Jones movies have stories that are fun and characters you can care about. The second movie doesn’t. This, the fourth in the series, has one interesting character (Indiana Jones), and a story that just barely pulls the action forward. But it does manage to make it over the finish line without thoroughly disappointing. There is some CGI, but it’s not distracting. There are no scary or super evil villains, but there is plenty of entertaining action. I had fun watching Harrison Ford play Indiana Jones one last time. Every other aspect of movie is forgettable. (May 22/08)

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian — Skip it. The first Narnia movie is excellent, one of the best family-friendly movies of 2005. The best thing I can say about this sequel is they’ve improved on the special effects. Not much happens for the first hour (which will bore most kids), and when the action does pick up, it’s just eye candy. Too much emphasis on meaningless battles sequences and not enough on character and story. (May 21/08)