Your Most Serious Injury

4-wheeler15 Things I’m Kinda Gonna Blog About showed up for me in the Random Posts section there on the right, which prompted me to write about one of those topics mentioned. I’ll probably address more of them for future posts. You’re welcome.

My Most Serious Injury

My future wife and I were on a 4-wheeler in the middle of nowhere, Newfoundland. We lost control on a rough section of a dirt road. Next thing I remember is lying on my stomach with the 4-wheeler on my back, pinning me to the ground; and I couldn’t move – I felt paralyzed, and I started to panic. I remember raising my voice to GET THIS FUCKING MACHINE OFF ME, experiencing a euphoric wave of relief when I crawled out and discovered I wasn’t paralyzed.

We were wearing helmets; we would’ve been dead without them. No injuries except for the machine, which started to leak oil, although I managed to start it and made it back to the cabin.

So my story title is wrong: no injuries. Maybe I should’ve titled it My Most Serious Accident.

What’s your story?