Switching from Firefox to Chrome

In 2004 I switched from Internet Explorer to FireFox. I’m now switching from Firefox to Chrome. I’ve played with Chrome occasionally since it was released, but now it supports Extensions, similar to Firefox’s addons, enabling me to block ads and other annoying website “features” (usually flash-specific). Google’s Chrome browser has these advantages over Firefox: It’s noticably faster for me – starting up and browing websites. Its interface has less clutter,

What Can Happen If You Use Internet Explorer

Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer: A friend of mine… pasted some screenshots of a machine he was playing with. He decided to use Internet Explorer, and click on every popup and link he could find. His goal was to see if AdAware would adequately clean his system up. The results? Internet Explorer was covered in toolbars and AdAware found 152,000 critical objects to fix.

Firefox, An Alternative To Internet Explorer

Why I dumped Internet Explorer: After months waiting for Microsoft to give me a reason to remain loyal, I finally dumped Internet Explorer for the Firefox Web browser last week. On the security front, Microsoft has clearly had its hands full. Fixing the myriad holes in Windows and Internet Explorer is no small job. But why should that prevent Microsoft from offering sensible improvements to the browser, such as the

Mozilla or IE?

I’ve been using Mozilla’s browser (i.e. Firefox) for a long time; its tabbed windows features is convenient, it blocks popup windows, and it has never crashed on me. However, Firefox’s latest version has been running slow on my system, taking a long time to download pages; so I decided to try MyIE2, an Internet Explorer-based browser that has the same features as Firefox and it’s free. I’ve been using it