Android Smartphone Versus iPhone

HTC Desire Z smartphoneI recently purchased an HTC Desire Z, a smartphone that’s competitive to the iPhone and Blackberry. Here’s why I choose the android-based phone over others:

We had the need recently to get a 2nd cell phone. Our regular prepaid cell phone from President’s Choice Telecom is great: we like its minimal cost and features; however, if I were to get a 2nd cell phone I wanted internet access.
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An opinion of Netflix and what we’re watching

netflixWe switched from TV Cable to Netflix three months ago. Here’s an update on what we think of it and what we’ve been watching.

How much does Netflix cost?
It costs us $8 per month in Canada for unlimited viewing. There’s no Wii network connectivity fee, which is how we usually access Netflix.

How much bandwidth does Netflix use?
Here’s my internet usage from August 2010 to the end of January, 2011. We joined Netflix in Nov 2010. I increased our monthly usage limit when we joined – good thing too.
internet usage
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