A Post From My iPod Touch

I am posting this from my iPod Touch, where I don’t easily see how to add links for specific topics, like a link to the WordPress iPod Touch application I’m using to create and publish this. I’m also inserting a photo (the only one on this device) of my kids to see how that works.


I’m thinking about getting an iPod Touch; I’m not sure why. iConsumer iSuckered iNto iAdvertising. I’ve never owned an Apple product. I don’t want an iPad – too big. Update (June 20, 2010): I got the 8gb one for Father’s Day.

I’ve Never Owned An Apple Product

I have nothing against Apple, the computer company that has a cult-like following, but I’ve never owned any of their products: iPod, Mac, iPhone… They come out with gadgets that a lot of people think they must have, like the new MacBook Air, which is being promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook. So what? I’m not defending the PC and Windows world; I just don’t see the attraction of products

Win An IPod Nano

Darren Barefoot’s company created a survey for a client where you could win an IPod Nano. The survey is intended for web developers. I had to look up what an IPod Nano was, too. Seriously. I’d probably sell it if I won it.

Shopping for an iPod

Spring is here, and Jenny wants an iPod for when she goes for her runs. Until now, she’s gotten by with a Sony Discman, but it’s cumbersome and it skips. A portable MP3 player she can strap to her arm would be more convenient. It doesn’t have to be an iPod, though, and it doesn’t need to hold our entire CD collection. She’d be happy with any kind of MP3