iPod Alternatives

Anything But iPod isn’t anti-iPod:

Apple makes a half decent mp3 player. I own or have owned several different Apple MP3 players. However, I feel that there are better choices available. There are other MP3 players out there that are easier to use, that give you more for your money and still have style and class. The problem is many people do not know what else is available. I talk to many people that think an iPod is their only choice. This is why this web site was started…

He’s received hate mail, of course:

This site is here to present the other options, not to bash and hate the iPod. So don’t come here bashing this site with no supporting facts just because it goes against the grain. If you want an iPod, go buy one! Don’t waste our readers’ time as well as your own by spreading your uninformed rhetoric.

My wife still uses a portable CD player with no complaints.