A Whole Wheat Radio Video

Once in a while I try to tune into the old Whole Wheat Radio webcast just to see if I can catch ’em casting something unannounced. Nothing so far. But I did find a couple videos on YouTube. Here’s one from 2005 that features Excel guru, John Walkenbach, at the 87-second mark in his pre-banjo days. Quite the thrill.

More extensive videos can be found on YouTube channel for TomboUK.
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If You Like Steel White Table, You’ll Like…

Google Simlar Pages is a Google Chrome extension that recommends webpages similar to the one you’re currently viewing.
google similar pages
Google Similar Pages recommends the following when viewing this site (Steel White Table):

What the hell is “The J-Walk Blog“?!

J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog

3 hands shakingSteel White Table and J-Walk Blog are pleased to announce the start of a new era in blogging: J-Walk has purchased Steel White Table; all future Steel White Table posts will appear on J-Walk’s blog, which will be now known as J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog (JSWT).

Thank you for your patronage and see you at J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog!

Questions And Answers

  • How will I know if J-Walk, Jody, or Phillip is the author of a post?
    You won’t. Everything will LOOK like it comes from J-Walk, but two-thirds of the time it’ll be from us.
  • What were the terms of the purchase of Steel White Table? SWT seems to be getting the better deal.
    One word: Bacon. No, two words: Canadian bacon.
  • I haven’t seen an announcement on J-Walk’s site about it.
    Oh, you will. He’s probably still in bed.
    It’s announced!
  • Will Steel White Table continue their posts?
    Yes! But on the new and improved J-Walk’s Steel White Table blog. This is the last post to appear on Steel White Table’s own domain.

Further questions can be posted in the comments section, where J-Walk or Steel White Table will answer them accordingly.

The J-Walk Blog Theme Song

It’s been around since at least March 30, 2007, but I just discovered it:

The J-Walk Blog theme song! By Phillip Cairns, co-author of Steel White Table. Maybe Phillip is for hire to create a theme for YOUR blog.

He’s also written themes for Whole Wheat Radio:


Station identification:

Steel White Table has two theme songs. Count ’em! TWO!

  1. The original SWT theme, written and performed by Jody and Phillip Cairns. Phillip posted about it once.

  2. The Steel White Table jingle, kinda. This was posted about before, too.

J-Walk Blog Link Experiment

J-Walk wants to find out how good his website linking sources are; that is, what online services let you know what websites link to yours, how accurate are they, and how quick do they report new links?

After a few days, I’ll post a list of every blog I found that linked to this item…
I’ll reveal all of my sources and, hopefully, learn about some new ones.

I look for new referrers using Technorati, google, and my own database that records all incoming traffic.