A Whole Wheat Radio Video

Once in a while I try to tune into the old Whole Wheat Radio webcast just to see if I can catch ’em casting something unannounced. Nothing so far. But I did find a couple videos on YouTube. Here’s one from 2005 that features Excel guru, John Walkenbach, at the 87-second mark in his pre-banjo days. Quite the thrill. More extensive videos can be found on YouTube channel for TomboUK.

If You Like Steel White Table, You’ll Like…

Google Simlar Pages is a Google Chrome extension that recommends webpages similar to the one you’re currently viewing. Google Similar Pages recommends the following when viewing this site (Steel White Table): The Atheist Missionary The Dave – I’d rather be phishing The Progressive Curmudgeon The J-Walk Blog What the hell is “The J-Walk Blog“?!

J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog

Steel White Table and J-Walk Blog are pleased to announce the start of a new era in blogging: J-Walk has purchased Steel White Table; all future Steel White Table posts will appear on J-Walk’s blog, which will be now known as J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog (JSWT). Thank you for your patronage and see you at J-Walk’s Steel White Table Blog! Questions And Answers How will I know if J-Walk,

The J-Walk Blog Theme Song

It’s been around since at least March 30, 2007, but I just discovered it: The J-Walk Blog theme song! By Phillip Cairns, co-author of Steel White Table. Maybe Phillip is for hire to create a theme for YOUR blog. He’s also written themes for Whole Wheat Radio: Theme: Station identification: Steel White Table has two theme songs. Count ’em! TWO! The original SWT theme, written and performed by Jody and

J-Walk Blog Link Experiment

J-Walk wants to find out how good his website linking sources are; that is, what online services let you know what websites link to yours, how accurate are they, and how quick do they report new links? After a few days, I’ll post a list of every blog I found that linked to this item… I’ll reveal all of my sources and, hopefully, learn about some new ones. I look