Song #10: “Basin Street Blues”

I saw a 3-record anthology called Commodore Jazz Classics banging around our house for years. It was never played. The vinyl records were shiny and new. I gave them a whirl sometime in high school and thought how different my childhood would have been if I’d grown up listening to jazz. “Basin Street Blues” performed by Eddie Condon and His Band has been on my playlist ever since. I eventually

Learn To Play Jazz Piano

How to Play Jazz Piano: Even though it probably sounds horrible, practice for long enough and you’ll sound more and more like what’s written there without you even knowing it. You can always go back to the sheet music to see how they’re voicing the chords in clever ways that you’re not. That’s the key: practice, practice, practice. Then, maybe, you may get the feel for it; the euphoria that

How To Play Jazz Piano

Learn Jazz Piano is an excellent site providing free lessons: Want to learn some blues licks? We’ve got ’em- just go to the Blues Licks room. How to harmonize melodies? That’s here too. Jazz piano scales, jazz piano chords and jazz chord progressions, jazz piano theory- it’s here. All the tricks of the trade that professional jazz piano players use all the time, free for anyone who wants to study