Jean Chretien Is Canada’s Biggest Embarrassment

Jean CretienJean Chretien has been voted the The Most Embarrassing Canadian for 2004 (a contest I previously reported on):

Although Canada has two official languages, Chretien seems to speak neither very well, which may explain how he managed to lead three straight majority governments. Nobody knew what he was talking about, but, in typically Canadian fashion, we were all too polite to mention it!

Canada’s Embarrassments

A competition to rival CBC’s dull Greatest Canadian contest: Who Is The Most Embarrassing Canadian?

…we […] propose to accomplish nothing less than to establish a Canadian ideology that we can all call our own. One that includes the best and the worst that is Canada, leaning neither left nor right, but planted firmly in the centre, our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks.
Shallowness. Infamy. Mediocrity. Weakness. Stupidity. What makes a truly embarrassing Canadian? Will you choose a scandalous politician like Jean Chretien? An arrogant tycoon like Conrad Black? A shameful athlete like Todd Bertuzzi? Or someone just plain annoying, like Celine Dion?

They include some amusing write-ups of nominies:

Cory Hart: Cory Hart’s song Sunglasses at Night was an instant classic, along with his other songs… um, what was that one – it had the thing with the thing? You know? Recently, Hart proved to have remained a guilty favorite, as thousands of fans attended his series of comeback concerts, and didn’t tell their friends.

And this competition includes women!

(via Captain Cowpunk’s comment, in case you missed it)