Conchordish Humour in “Eagle vs Shark”

If Flight of the Conchords made a movie, it would probably look and feel a lot like Eagle vs Shark (which happens to feature Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords). Fans of the Conchords surreal, deadpan humour will probably enjoy the movie, but I’m not sure which is less accessible, the TV show or this movie — because they’re both a bit out there. The characters in Eagle vs Shark are quirky & eccentric and the story about two nerds who fall in love (sort of) is so childish & bizarre that many viewers might not know how to react to it.

DVD Talk compares it to Napoleon Dynamite (which the reviewer doesn’t much care for and neither do I, though I can see the similarities): “Shark is a more character-based comedic summer camp, relying heavily on mannered performance and human reveals to extort the jokes. [The] script certainly serves up plenty of manufactured oddity, but I never felt coldly manipulated like I was with Dynamite. Shark comes from a more earnest place, and uses more to please than just relying on retro visual aids and blank lead actors. Shark might be walking in the deep Dynamite footsteps, but it’s a gracious picture and infinitely more hilarious.” And it stands up well to repeated viewings. It’s the kind of movie that if you like it, you really like it. I think it’s a work of art.

Tommyboy might like this movie.