Top-paying Jobs

money shirtTop-paying jobs in the United States:

  1. Anesthesiologist: $292,000
  2. Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist: $222,000
  3. Psychiatrist: $177,000
  4. Nurse Anesthetist: $157,000
  5. Sales Director: $140,000
  6. Actuary: $129,000
  7. Finance Director: $121,000
  8. Software Architect: $117,000
  9. Attorney/Lawyer: $115,000
  10. Insurance Broker: $114,000

Software Architect?! That’s what I am and I’m not close to that!

Software architects are the masterminds behind the design for products and tools we use every day. There aren’t nearly enough top code masters to fill the openings that exist at nearly every major company around the world. That demand has driven paychecks for the best software architects sky-high.

“Mastermind”. I like that.

I.T. Salaries

Top Ten Tech Jobs, Wages Released:

  • Clinical Research Associate – $38.52
  • Data Manager – $45.06
  • CRM Project Manager – $62.01
  • Data Warehouse Architect – $69.03
  • Hardware/Firmware engineer – $59.34
  • .NET Developer – $45.77
  • Oracle Database Administrator – $55.82
  • Project Manager – $57.07
  • SAP Functional Consultant – $75.09
  • Senior Scientist – $43.76

That’s in American dollars, too.

I’m underpaid.

The Worst Jobs

worst job

we are on an exhaustive search for the Worst Job in America. Yet, our objective is not to ridicule hardworking people who face miserable environments every day in order to put food on their families’ tables. These people are true heroes. This is the place where people with crummy jobs can commiserate with one another.

The worst jobs in America in 2003: Police Department Custodian and Cotton Picker.

They don’t list Anal-Wart Researcher, as recently reported by many blogs.