Movie Review: “Rio Bravo”

  I finally got around to watching a classic western movie I’d heard about for years, Rio Bravo, and it’s a good one. John Wayne is the sheriff of a dusty old town who has to hold a bad guy, a murderer, in the local jail for six days while he waits for the U.S. Marshall to show up and take the bad guy away. But then the bad guy’s

“Red River” is a Good Old Fashioned Western

I agree with everything Roger Ebert says, that Red River is a film that captures “the exhilaration of being on a horse under the big sky with a job to do and a paycheck at the other end. [It is] one of the greatest of all Westerns…” It’s a bit chauvinist in its portrayal of women, but it’s easy to overlook such qualities because it is so damn entertaining (things