WOW: The Noob Who Pwned

The Ballad of the Noob, a tale from the game World Of Warcraft that’s told using the song A Boy Named Sue, which was made famous by Johnny Cash. I laughed.

Some explanation to those who don’t get it:
– WOW (World Of Warcraft) is a multi-player online game where you live vicariously through a fantastical character you create. You accomplish quests and kill enemies to advance in level. The game has a lot of depth.
Noob stands for “newbie”, meaning someone who’s obviously new to an experience, demonstrated by the silly things that may do or ask.
Pwned stands for pawned or owned, a taunt directed at someone for losing at something or doing something stupid.

Even though I’ve been using the internet forever, I’ve never used those terms. I’ve seen them a lot, but I never was immersed into the internet culture that much to adopt them; however, now that I’m playing WOW and using its chat system, I find myself writing LOL and “ty” (“thank you”) much too often, and that bugs me for some reason.


“Hello, I’m Johnny Cash”

Walk The Line posterWhen Joaquin Phoenix says those words while on stage in the movie, Walk The Line, you don’t doubt it. His performance is remarkable. It’s a movie about how Johnny Cash got into music, his influences (personal and musically), and how he ended up marrying June Carter. I was disappointed when the movie ended at that point; I wanted to see what he went through with the next 35 years with June, but maybe those years weren’t as interesting as those shown in the movie; or maybe there will be a sequel; it’s one sequel I’d look forward to.

I was never a big fan of Johnny Cash. I like some of his tunes, but this movie opened my eyes; here’s a song-writer and musician who knew what his calling was and dead-set trying to do it. When he plays Folsom Prison Blues in front of Sam Phillips in his audition, you’ll get a lump in your throat. I want to listen to all his work now, and I’ll be listening with a new respect.

James Berardinelli wrote of Walk The Line:

I will admit to not having been excited about seeing Walk the Line before sitting down to watch it, but Mangold, Phoenix, and Witherspoon converted me. During the course of the picture, someone describes Johnny’s voice as being “steady like a train, sharp like a razor.” That sounds to me like a fitting description of Walk the Line, as well.

I agree.

Jailed Cash

johnny cash mug shotA 1965 photo of Johnny Cash before spending a night in jail.

Johnny Cash was arrested in October 1965 at the El Paso International Airport after U.S. Customs agents found hundreds of pep pills and tranquilizers in his luggage as he returned from a trip to Juarez, Mexico. The Man in Black spent a night in the county jail and later pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count, for which he paid a $1000 fine and received a 30-day suspended sentence.

The Smoking Gun has lots of mug shots of notable people.

I have his new collection Unearthed, a 5 CD set of superb tunes, including the haunting Singer Of Songs.