Flying A Kite

caitlyn flying a kiteIt was a busy family day; I took the afternoon off work:

  • Went to the International Festival of Kites in Dieppe. The kids made two kites, made with plastic and tape – better than any kite I ever bought; we saw kites shaped like fish, dragons, octopus; ate cotton candy and drank lots of water; and we flew the kites the kids made.
  • Drove to Shediac where we bought pizza, then went to my parent’s camper trailer near Parlee Beach (pronounced Par-lah), but they weren’t there so we pigged out on the excellent pizza ourselves.
  • Flew kites again near Parlee beach.
  • Ate a banana split and Kit-kat Blizzard at Diary Queen.

I’m beat.

Go Fly A Kite

Flying a kiteJenny and I went to the top of Signal Hill yesterday to fly a three-dollar kite we bought at the grocery store last week. It says on the package that the kite comes with 400 feet of string. What it doesn’t say, though, is that the end of the string isn’t actually tied to the spool. So if you let that sucker out all the way, you might as well kiss your kite goodbye. Especially if you’re next to Atlantic Ocean. And so I offer, for your viewing pleasure, actual videotape footage of…

The Kite That Flew Too Far (24mb) / Low-res version (5mb)