Krazy Glue in My Mouth

I had a tube of Krazy Glue explode in my face today. I squeezed it too hard when apparently the end was all gunked up.

I just got back from the emergency room.

The glue was in my mouth, on my tongue, the back of my throat, my lips and my left cheek. I also got some in my eye, but it was quickly washed away by tears.

I walked to a hospital down the street from me. I spent 2.5 hours in the emergency waiting room, then said the hell with it. I was concerned about glue in my mouth. I could feel it stuck to my throat and my tongue, and I thought it was poison.

It’s not.

After 2 hours all the glue in my mouth had completely dissolved, and I wasn’t sick. So I figured I was alright and could swallow with ease again.

I’m about to soak my lips and my face in warm water to wash the glue off. If that doesn’t work, then it’s the nail polish remover.

Crazy glue indeed.

UPDATE (the next day): Thankfully the bit of glue that got in my eye got washed out by tears almost immediately. But there was glue stuck to my tongue, and some on the back of my throat where I could feel it burning. I didn’t swallow for at least an hour afterwards. The glue on my lips and my face wasn’t pretty either, but I wasn’t too concerned about it.

The glue in my mouth gradually dissolved away. I tried soaking my face in water to remove the glue like they recommend at, but I couldn’t hold my breath long enough.

So I just walked around with glue on my face all day until I finished work. Then I went to a drug store, got some nail polish remover, and wiped my face with it. Done.

Getting it in my eye was kind of scary though.