Roger Ebert On The Quintessence Of Dust

A quintessence of dust, a beautiful essay by Roger Ebert reflecting on existence, science, art, and the universe. My curiosity leads me to science, my admiration for logic leads me to the Theory of Evolution, my pride rejects simplistic fables to describe the facts I observe. Where do I find my consolations? There are many ways to be consoled. Everyone deserves to find their own way, and find such peace

A Few Common Sense Rules

Some things to consider: Never stop thinking. This is important. If someone ever says to you ‘You need to stop thinking so much,’ call them ignorant in your head and keep thinking deeper. We are all crazy. Every person you read about in the history books had some kind of ‘disorder’, they just knew how to use it. Ask a child for advice. They may not know much, but they

Everyone Should Know How To Juggle

Three Ball Juggling Tutorials provide detailed instructions on how to learn juggling. To see animations of juggling tricks, go to the 3 Ball Juggling Trick Archive. I taught myself how to juggle during university, when I should’ve been studying for exams, using oranges I took from the cafeteria. I ruined a lot of oranges. (I categorized this under Life because, well, you know, it’s a life skill.)