Linux Versus Windows, Again

Is MS Windows ready for the desktop?:

I first meant to write an article, titled “Why I can’t switch to Windows?”, discussing some useful Linux-features I use very much, which can’t be found in Windows… On the other hand, it may be nice, to imagine someone who only used (Gentoo/GNU) Linux in his life, and never ever heard of Windows, but wants to try it. That someone, throughout this article, will be me.

This will only be amusing for unix/linux techies.

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It’s pronounced “vee-eye”, not “six”

The pronunciation guide for unix describes how to pronounce UNIX symbols:

How do I pronounce “vi” , or “!”, or “/*”, or …? You can start a very long and pointless discussion by wondering about this topic on the net. Some people say “vye”, some say "vee-eye" (the vi manual suggests this) and some Roman numerologists say "six".

How is BIOS pronounced?