Windows Vista Will Be A Hog

In Broken Windows Theory, a Microsoft manager notes that: …building Windows on a dual-proc dev box takes nearly 24 hours 24 hours to compile Vista, the next incarnation of Windows. It’ll take just as long to boot up on your current computer, too. I’m considering switching to Linux, again.

Linux Versus Windows, Again

Is MS Windows ready for the desktop?: I first meant to write an article, titled “Why I can’t switch to Windows?”, discussing some useful Linux-features I use very much, which can’t be found in Windows… On the other hand, it may be nice, to imagine someone who only used (Gentoo/GNU) Linux in his life, and never ever heard of Windows, but wants to try it. That someone, throughout this article,

It’s pronounced “vee-eye”, not “six”

The pronunciation guide for unix describes how to pronounce UNIX symbols: How do I pronounce “vi” , or “!”, or “/*”, or …? You can start a very long and pointless discussion by wondering about this topic on the net. Some people say “vye”, some say "vee-eye" (the vi manual suggests this) and some Roman numerologists say "six". How is BIOS pronounced?