Skype – an early review

I have a few friends living overseas. Calling them long-distance ain’t cheap. So I installed Skype today. And guess what? It works. I talked to a friend of mine in France and although there was a slight delay in the signal, it was negligible. We started with a regular audio call, no video feed. The sound was just as good as any telephone and there was no delay. The slight

Long-Distance Phone Plans In Atlantic Canada

I changed my long-distance phone plan today. I use Primus, which had a much better rate than the competitors back in August, 2000 when I got it. My old plan was The Dime Time MAX (which isn’t offered anymore): $3.95 network monthly fee 10 cents per minute evenings (6pm-8am) & weekends anywhere in Canada. Never pay more that $20 a month for up to 800 minutes. 10 cents per minute

Unlimited Complaints

According to HBC Connections Long Distance Plan, “unlimited” means 20 hours per month, as Steve discovered: …the salespeople were trained not to inform prosepective clients that the limit is 1200 minutes unless they question them on the meaning of the term “unlimited”. They freakin’ intentionally mislead people!! Jeeeeezuss! I informed her that I did indeed ask them to verify the term “unlimited”, so she said that they would have their