Skinny Legs

Skinny Legs was recorded in 2000 and appears on Phillip’s 4th album, After the Fire. It was originally written and recorded by Lyle Lovett for his 1994 album I Love Everybody. The two people who have had the privilege of hearing this song more than once (Jenny and me), agree that it’s a dandy little number. Phillip writes:

My vocals, if you can call them that, are all over the place on this one because I couldn’t decide how to sing it. Which is apparently what makes it fun to listen to. And the guitar, the cheapest, most beat-up classical guitar ever made, was recorded not with a microphone but an old suction-cup pick-up designed for recording telephone conversations. I never thought much of this recording until my girlfriend, after hearing it for the first time, said, This is so cool!

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UPDATE: The Mp3 of Skinny Legs is not longer available due to copyright issues.