“What Button Do I Press?”

A recent phone conversation: Mom: How do I play a DVD? Me: Did you put it in? What’s on the screen? Mom: A TV channel. Me: Change to channel three. Mom: Okay, I see “Play movie” and other stuff now. Me: Good. Press “Play” or “Enter” on the remote. Mom: The remote has no labels. The buttons are all shaped like arrows. Me: Press the one that looks like a

I Love My Job!

I wrote my mom today: At work we have a deadline in 2 weeks, so everyone’s working overtime to get it done. That means I have to work nights and weekends, as consistently as possible for the next 2-4 weeks. I wish I didn’t have to bring work home. My mom replied: so, i am sure this will cause stress on the relationships with your wife and your children –