Free Comic Book Day

The 1st Saturday of May is Free Comic Book Day (May 7th this year – 2011), where particpating stores provide free comics, in addition to so social activities like a BBQ, prizes, etc. Every Geek parent should be taking their kids to this. Use the Free Comic Book Day Store Locator to find a participating store near you. Gamezilla in Moncton is hosting Free Comic Book Day, which I’m taking

Top News Stories In Moncton

Snow. It’s all about snow. Headlines from local news sources: Local newspaper, The Times and Transcript: Will snow cleanup ever end? From all News radio station, News 91.9: Moncton poised to break snow record. Winter weather persists in Atlantic Canada from Global news. Moncton High contingency plan may be revealed from CBC (it’ll be news for them when Moncton breaks that record).

The Mystery Of Magnetic Hill

Scientist tackles Magnetic Hill mystery: A Japanese scientist has won an award for duplicating the kind of optical illusion that for decades has baffled tourists who visit the fabled Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B. Magnetic Hill is an area that appears like you’re going up a hill when you’re really going down. It’s dumb-founding if you’re new to it: you take your car “down” a hill, put it in neutral,

City Fishing

Clean City Rivers Spark an Urban Fishing Phenomenon: Across Europe, fish are returning to city waterways thanks to major cleanup efforts in recent decades. And with them, a rare species of recreationist: the urban angler. It’d be cool to see people fishing in the middle of a city, although I don’t know if I’d eat the fish. The Petitcodiac River causeway recently opened up its dam with the hope of