Motorcycles Have Fuses

My motorcycle died the other day. I was in the passing lane of the causeway (near the same place I almost crashed into a dump truck), when the bike suddenly lost power – it just died. I coasted to the side of the road, then checked the obvious stuff: gas, kill switch, oil… all okay.

I called a local repair, who picked the bike up and brought it to their shop. They said the original 30 year old fuses finally gave out, so he replaced all of them. 30 bucks.

I wonder what other 30 year old parts on it are about to give away?

Kissing The Rear Of A Dump Truck

rear of a dump truckI was stuck behind a dump truck as I drove to work on my motorcycle this morning. We were approaching a section where the road merged into a double-laned highway, us currently driving in the left lane. I couldn’t see past the truck, but it was slowing down for traffic, so I glanced to my right to prepare to pass it (on the newly merged lane).

Me and a fucking dump truckWhen I looked in front of me the fucking truck had stopped! As I squeezed and pressed my brakes harder than necessary, I could feel the rubber on the tires coming off like an orange peel, with the back of the truck approaching closer, closer… I’m thinking “I’m not going too fast; it won’t hurt TOO much”… when my bike stops about a foot from the truck’s rear end.

The bike swerved a bit, but it didn’t stall. I switched down to first, glanced to my right for oncoming traffic, then raced past the fucking truck, beginning to shake with the realization that I was still alive. Fun times!