See You at The Movies

Yesterday’s comments on Midnight in Paris constitute the last movie review type thing I’ll post to Steel White Table. About a week from now, I’ll be done with this blog altogether. Probably. Anyhow, if you really can’t stand missing out on what movies I’ve been watching, I offer you my two big movie lists available through the Internet Movie Database. List #1: All the most recent movies I’ve seen with

“Hanna” Just Misses the Mark

  Hanna is about a girl raised in the woods by her former super secret agent father who has trained her to be the ultimate soldier and killing machine. But really she’s just sad and lonely and misunderstood. Or something. Watch the trailer to see all the best parts of the movie. “Hanna” could have been tense and emotionally engaging, but I began to lose interest about 10 minutes into

The “Super Size Me” Guy’s Other Docutainment Flick

  I just made that up — docutainment. But that’s what Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold boils down to — an entertaining documentary, edging more towards entertainment than documentary. It’s about Morgan Spurlock‘s attempt to get the movie made through product placement. We see him make pitches to various companies. Finally a company, Pom Wonderful, agrees to finance the movie, and they don’t seem like such a

Johnny Depp the Lizard

  Jenny and I saw the CGI animal western, Rango, in a theatre on Friday, and like everyone else in the audience, we didn’t laugh. (And I don’t think most of the kids there got into it.) The quality of the animation gives Pixar a run for its money. But the difference is in the storyline. Most Pixar movies are engaging from the start. “Rango” never rises above being clever

Astro Boy: The Movie – A Review

I hadn’t heard of Astro Boy before this movie, but apparently it’s popular somewhere – was even a TV series. Astro Boy the movie is a computer-animated movie about a robot kid. The movie has a dark tone similar to Wall-E, where humans abuse the environment and are complacent about their comfortable life style. Robots are self-aware but are predictably treated as inanimate objects. The movie’s about the kid robot