Crazy Inspired Guy Replicates “The Muppet Show” Sets

It breaks down like this. Some years ago, a toy company began releasing Muppet Show character figures that were more accurately replicated than anything that had been produced before. The company had a full line up of characters scheduled to be produced along with a replica of the Muppet Theatre that included the backstage area. But the company went bankrupt and that was the end of it… until a guy

Top Scientists

Beaker and Dr Honeydew are the favorite (for TV or movie – but that’s irrelevant) top scientists! Commenting on his friends Beaker and Honeydew, Kermit the Frog said: “They have spread the message that science is not just for short round-headed bald guys and their orange-haired, goggle-eyed sidekicks. It’s also for people like you and frogs like me.” The top 10: Beaker and Dr Honeydew (The Muppets): 33 per cent