What A Stupid Name

Institute for Naming Children Humanely is:

dedicated to achieving a better society through better names for children.
A child’s name is the most important label he or she will ever receive. It will stay with the child throughout their whole lives. Parents who choose names poorly create misleading labels for their children. These labels can cause their children to be mocked, stereotyped, or ostracized. Mocked, stereotyped, and ostracized children grow to become demented adults.

My name isn’t in their list of boy names. Phew.

Some not okay male names from that list:

  • Todd: Associated with dumb high-school jocks
  • Bartholomew: There’s only one “Bart”
  • Jordan: Middle English for “chamber pot”

Some not okay female names from that list:

  • Caitlin: We discussed this over at “Let Me Spell That For You
  • Monica: Wait a few years
  • Brandy: Go back and look at the Unfortunate Connotations page

Scottish Baby Names

My wife and I are beginning to debate possible baby names now; that is, we’re disagreeing with each other all the time. We’d like to have a Scottish name due to the Cairns Scottish heritage (unlike my first name, Jody, which is Hebrew or something for Are you a boy or girl, and is that with an “i”, “ie”, or “y”?).

Google returns 118,000 1,590,000 hits (updated Nov. 9, 2006) when searching for scottish baby names.

Zena would be neat. How many names begin with a “Z”?

(Steve, Pender, Chris, Phillip, Ryan, Jim, and J-Walk are not being considered.)

Update: We named our son Iain Robert.