BBC’s “The Blue Planet” & “Planet Earth”

The Blue Planet and Planet Earth are BBC documentary TV series that are without question the most spectacular, incredible documentaries about the natural world I have ever seen. They could easily play as a series of films in a theatre and it would be fantastic. At times it’s like watching science fiction with creatures that seem unreal, landscapes and geological formations even the most imaginative artists couldn’t conceive. There are

“Never Cry Wolf” and “The Snow Walker”

Never Cry Wolf and The Snow Walker are based on works by Farley Mowat and should be seen together. If you like one, chances are you’ll like the other. The drama is magnified in both movies by the desolate and beautiful landscape of Canada’s north. In Never Cry Wolf, a scientist spends six months in the bush studying wolves. It’s a quiet, somewhat meditative movie that takes a look at

The Woods Is My Church

My mom tries to get my 4 year old daughter to go to church every Sunday, like she did with my brother and me 30 years ago. I don’t go to church, so last week my daughter asks where my church is. I said, “In the woods,” so she pictures a big wooden building in the woods somewhere. “Do you want to go?” I ask. It’s 8am on Sunday; a