What To Watch On Netflix: In Bruges

in bruges movieIn Bruges (thriller/dark comedy – 2008) 9 out of 10 stars (9/10)

Netflix provides recommendations based on your previous viewings and ratings. We try to watch videos that have ratings greater than 3 out of 5 stars and we’re noticing our selection is becoming limited for certain genres, such as science fiction, action, and thrillers.

In Bruges has a 3.5/5 rating on Netflix and Roger Ebert gave it his highest rating, so we decided to watch it; we’re glad we did – it’s a great movie.

In Bruges is about (click link there for wiki entry) a couple criminals in hiding (in Bruges, Belgium), waiting for their boss to call with further instructions after their last job didn’t go well. It’s violent, interesting, emotional, and laugh-out-loud funny. Highly recommended.

Netflix Complaint: During the last 20 minutes of the movie the video paused a lot – every few minutes. I had to rewind it 30 seconds or just wait a minute or so before the video started again. It was very annoying – all during the climax too. I suspect the Netflix servers were being overloaded since it was around 10:30pm Atlantic, which is probably prime viewing time on a Saturday night; but still, it was distracting and frustrating.

Phillip posted about In Burges back in 2009.

An opinion of Netflix and what we’re watching

netflixWe switched from TV Cable to Netflix three months ago. Here’s an update on what we think of it and what we’ve been watching.

How much does Netflix cost?
It costs us $8 per month in Canada for unlimited viewing. There’s no Wii network connectivity fee, which is how we usually access Netflix.

How much bandwidth does Netflix use?
Here’s my internet usage from August 2010 to the end of January, 2011. We joined Netflix in Nov 2010. I increased our monthly usage limit when we joined – good thing too.
internet usage
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Cancelling Cable TV For Netflix

As I posted in Replacing Cable TV with Netflix, we’re trying Netflix instead of cable TV for a month; that month is almost over and we’re cutting the cord – no more cable.
rogers internet usage nov 2010I just cancelled my television cable and upgraded my internet package. We didn’t watch any cable TV the past month, using Netflix the entire time. We all love it.

I upgraded my internet package to increase the download limit from 60 GB to 90 GB but the download speed remains the same. I’m willing to upgrade again if it’ll make a big different (from 10 Mbps to 25 Mbps), but netflix has been working well even on two devices at the same time.

We get Netflix through our wii, which is connected to my wireless router. I don’t like the wii interface but otherwise no problems. I also watch Netflix in bed using my iPod Touch with no streaming problems.

TV cable cost $80+ a month, which was cancelled. Netflix cost $8/month. Internet package upgrade cost an additional $10/month. Good savings overall!

Replacing Cable TV with Netflix

My family doesn’t watch a lot of TV yet we pay ~$80/month for cable. To paraphrase Roger Waters: Got fifty channels of shit on the TV to choose from.
netflix wii
My kids watch speciality children channels. We all watch Discovery channel for MythBusters and other cool shows, and we sometimes watch the science-fiction channel. That’s it.

I decided to evaluate Netflix as an alternative since it’s only $8/month here in Canada.

Netflix provides on-demand video streaming: movies, tv shows, documentaries.

To get the Netflix content to my television I had to use my Wii and download a NetFlix application to it – it then allows me to select what I want to view.

We tried it for the first time last night and it worked great – no sound or video problems – it streamed seamlessly to the TV via my wireless Wii connection.

I’ve also used Netflix with my PC, laptop, and iPod Touch – no problems.
ipod touch iphone netflix
There are no download limits to what you can download from Netflix.

The only limit is your internet data usuage limit imposed by your Internet Service Provider, who in my case is Rogers – the same company that provides my TV cable. My limit is 60gb downloads per month, but my average has been around 20gb, so I think I’ll be good. Even if I cancel Cable TV and get a better Internet package, I’ll still be saving lots.

We’re trying it out for a month.