The Mud of Hopewell Rocks

hopewell rocks new brunswickHopewell Rocks is on the coast of New Brunswick. It’s a provincial park that features towering rocks that have eroded into interesting shapes due to the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy.

The Bay of Fundy is known for its high tidal range, which allows you to walk at Hopewell Rocks far onto the beaches during low tide to see the high cliffs and rocks that the tide has sculpted over millions of years.

What they don’t mention as a main attraction (for kids) is the mud of Hopewell Rocks. When the tide is out you can walk around the the bottom of the tower-like rocks and around the mud flats – an area where thick, brown mud can go past your knees and can get you stuck. I had to step our of those sandals below and dig them out with my hand at one point.
jody's muddy feet hopewell rocks
Google “Hopewell rocks mud” or “Bay of Fundy mud” to see more exciting examples of the mud around the Bay of Fundy.

The Mystery Of Magnetic Hill

Scientist tackles Magnetic Hill mystery:

A Japanese scientist has won an award for duplicating the kind of optical illusion that for decades has baffled tourists who visit the fabled Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B.

Magnetic Hill is an area that appears like you’re going up a hill when you’re really going down.

It’s dumb-founding if you’re new to it: you take your car “down” a hill, put it in neutral, then experience the car going back “up” the way came on its own, when it’s really going down a hill. It is cool.

Wikipedia says there are hundreds of these magnetic-type hills. I had no idea.

Bees On The Loose

bee manEscaped bees abuzz in N.B.

Approximately 12 million honeybees have escaped from a truck that overturned on the Trans-Canada Highway in New Brunswick.
Rain in the area is currently keeping the bees under control, said RCMP Sgt. Derek Strong.

They’re being imported because pesticides have been killing the natural population of bees.

Update: From another CBC article, they were being exported after fulfilling a pollination gig.

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Half an Hour posted some great information about Moncton and its surrounding area (where I live), highlighting things the locals probably take for granted, like:

  • Magnetic Hill, which is a hill that makes you appear going up when you’re really going down. Strange, but true. He posted a good video of it.
  • Hopewell Rocks on the Bay of Fundy, where its massive tides created caves and cool rock formations.
  • The tibal bore of the Petitcodiac river. The Government recently announced they’re replacing the causeway with a bridge, which should restore the tidal bore to something one can brag about, and restore fish migrations.

We spent this summer around the area; there’s a lot to do and see here.