Mary Pratt “Jelly Shelf” Print

When will Mary Pratt‘s “Jelly Shelf” painting be released as a high quality print?

We already have one of her prints framed and mounted on a wall in our dining room area, and we love it. But we’ve been hoping to see the jars painting (as we’ve always called it) available as a print since we first saw it in person at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2005 (see my Rodin and Mary Pratt post). Seeing the painting on a 52 cent stamp is nice, but it might be the worst thing that could have been done to a painting that needs to be viewed in its full size to really get it. I wrote this after I saw it in Nova Scotia:

It looks like a photograph, but up close you can see the actual brush strokes. The effect of slowly walking back from the painting as it reveals itself is so dramatic, I don’t know what to tell you except that you have to see it to believe it…

I’ve written this post in the hopes that whoever owns the painting will realize that there is a market for a high quality print of it. I know I’d pay good money for it.

Mary Brown’s Tatters

It’s been a long time, but I had some Mary Brown’s fried chicken and tatters for supper tonight (with a gravy-like substance on the side).

mary browns logo

I’ll probably stroke out in about two minutes, but it’s worth it. There are times when a week’s worth of salt and grease are just what the doctor ordered.

Higgins @

I just read a sparkling new column by Jenny Higgins in the recently resurrected-one-more-time Newfoundland newspaper, The Independent. The newspaper is an online publication now: The banner image doesn’t show up for anyone using an ad-blocker (a polite way of hinting that they really need those advertising dollars?), but otherwise the website seems well designed and easy to read.

The Independent was always a fresh and intelligent alternative to other news publications in Newfoundland. Judging from what I’ve read online so far, it still is. Jenny’s bi-weekly column, Past Tense, focuses on interesting but often overlooked aspects of Newfoundland history, and is a welcomed addition to their already impressive line-up of contributors. I plan to keep reading.

P.S.: This has not been a paid-for advertisement. It’s just I think quite highly of anything Jenny does.

UPDATE (August 25/11): Well, it looked promising in the beginning, but the new Independent ain’t so great anymore. I haven’t read it for months. It’s not even on my radar. I can’t go into details without getting into trouble. I’ll just say has little in common with the former print version.