Computer And Console Games

I’ve owned a VIC-20, Nintendo, and Super Nintendo. I currently own a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation 2, which I rarely play. Yet, I still read about new games and the industry. Here are the games I own: For the PC: World Of Warcraft I bought this because everyone in the universe bought it. I haven’t played it yet. I’m easily influenced. Need For Speed: Most Wanted Greg got me

Wasting Money

I’ve never owned a portable electronic game system, although I’ve always had a small desire to have one (damn commercialism). So recently, I decided to look into buying a Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP, which costs around $90 in Canada. I considered other popular, portable choices: Sony PSP is too expensive and fragile-looking; the dual-screen Nintendo DS would probably have games too complicated or confusing for my simple brain. The Gameboy