Banjo Stylings of Old Man Luedecke

I’m not fond of loud crowded pubs, but Old Man Luedecke is playing at The Ship tonight, so I’m going to give it a go. Not once in my life have I seen anyone play a banjo. It’s just something I’ve never been exposed to. I got a banjo last year for my birthday but haven’t had the time to learn it. Too busy trying to make a living and

Glooscap Struts His Stuff

Corrective surgery set for Glooscap: Some motorists travelling Highway 104 toward Truro claim the statue looks like it has an appendage not intended by its sculptor emerging from its midriff. Ribald humour and giggling 10-year-olds aside, the illusion is being taken seriously. “We may have to take the arm off and get it bent up a little bit more and get his fingers on a staff with an eagle on