The Oil Spill In the Gulf Of Mexico

Why is Oil in the oceans so frightening?: [The oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico] is currently spilling an estimated 200,000 gallons of oil into the gulf of Mexico every day. In other words, every day, a new 125,000 square kilometers (or 50,000 square miles) of ocean will eventually get coated in oil when it finishes spreading out An excellent article describing how oil spreads through water and its

Using Vegetable Oil In A Diesel Engine

Vegetable Oil as Vehicle Fuel: Using vegetable oil as fuel in diesel engines isn’t a new idea. Rudolf Diesel’s first engines were built to run on peanut oil for the developing world, which had no petrochemicals industry. Running your modern diesel car or van on veg is just going back to what the designer intended. An ordinary diesel engine cannot run on 100% pure vegetable oil without conversion. Veg oil

Canada’s Oil

Canada’s oil supply could top Saudi Arabia: report Alberta’s oilsands could become the single biggest contributor to new global supply within 10 years… That would mean a global shift in oil dominance from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East to Canada. So, Canada will be in demand for its water, lumber, and now oil; and with a national election occuring in a couple weeks, we could be screwed, as How