An Appreciation For Local Food And Farming

ChefDtv’s first episode features our own tommyboy (the one wearing the skirt) and the Farmers’ Market in Owen Sound, which tommyboy is the manager of:

Our first episode takes us to the Owen Sound Market. I love this place! It is filled with vendors who are passionate about their wares and run by a man, Tom Pink, who has made the Market his true love. So take the drive up Hwy 10 to a beautiful city and to a food lover’s paradise. You’re worth it!

I want to be a farmer now.

Tommyboy Runs For Mayor

First hat tossed into ring; Farmers’ Market manager to run for city council (link removed because it no longer works):

Tom Pink has kicked off the race for Owen Sound city council with an entry motivated by curiosity and an interest to serve the city.
Pink, 38, said since he has the luxury of time to spend considering the city’s business, he wants to step forward to do the work as a councillor.

I added the emphasize. I thought that was funny. To quote Tom:

When you get involved with the city on the committees and stuff, there’s only so much you know or only so much you can do and the next step, if you’re curious or interested in it, is to go on council where you’re actually fully involved.

I like that “and stuff” bit: he didn’t mention the Hells Angels and the Communist Party of Canada .

I hope the local electorate doesn’t get wind of this post.

Update (Nov. 14, 2006): Tommyboy won. To quote him:

What the fuck have I done….I got on…last spot…beat the incumbent by 250 votes…only new guy to get on..