Peter Kelsey, The Painter

I posted about a painting by Leonard Kelsey I own, not knowing anything about Kelsey. Peter Kelsey left a comment about it, and although it appears he isn’t related to the artist of my painting. He was kind enough to email photos of some of his work, allowing me to post them. I have lofty ambitions to tackle artistic endeavors (eg. painting, writing), but I never get around to dedicating

William Wharton, 1925-2008

As a commenter noted on my previous post, William Wharton, Author, Dies at 82: William Wharton, a successful impressionist painter who at 53 published his first novel, “Birdy,” which won a National Book Award, became a critically acclaimed movie and led to a dozen more books, died Wednesday in Encinitas, Calif. He was 82. Phillip and I are saddened to learn about this, that we won’t be reading anything new

A Painting By Leonard E. Kelsey

I have this painting titled “Old English Home” by Leonard E. Kelsey, dated 1915. On the back is a label with the painting’s title, painter, and date, along with the sentence: “CAP ROUGE” on the ST. LAWERE I assume that’s the location the painting represents. I know nothing about the painter or painting besides what’s obvious on the painting itself. Googling “leonard kelsey paint” turns up this reference to him

Jean’s Paintings

Jean’s almost a “Painting A Day” features excellent oil paintings that she briefly describes with a good selling price. She occasionally articulates her love of the art and its learning process: I am energized and confident. I know I am in the process. There is no end. You just continue to do and as you do, if your mind is engaged, you will learn and you will move forward. I

Rodin and Mary Pratt

If you have the chance to visit the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia between now and May 22, don’t let it pass you by. Jenny and I took the morning off to spend a couple hours roaming the gallery, and it was exactly what we needed. We’re feeling totally energized and at peace right now. It was amazing. We spent the first hour and a half looking at Rodin bronze